Situated on the largest mountin in the province, The Throat of The World, this unique pickaxe looks rather different then default pickaxes found in Skyrim **Bethesda**


Damage: 10Edit

Weight: 10Edit

Value: 303Edit

Aidditional Effects: Edit

Raises the weilder Smithing abilities, and does 6 shock damage to enemies on hit.


The only uses for the Notched Pickaxe and fighting gaining money from selling it or Enchantment


The Notched Pickaxe can be Unenchanted to learn the Notched Pickaxe Effect and re-applied to other weapons.

Fun Fact:Edit

The name Notched Pickaxe is most likely a reference to Notch (Markus Perrson) as a sign of good faith after the lawsuit between **Mojang** and **Bethesda**.